Paint car and industry standard coating

It is learned that the beauty maintenance branch of China Standardization Committee automotive supplies special committee is working on national standards for the development of a number of conservation products, has now completed the draft paint coating standard and submitted to the National Standards Board for approval, the future of the Association will driving safety is closely linked to the conservation of gasoline additives, oil detergent, lubrication system additives to the development of industry standards. As an important facilitator of the automotive supplies industry standardization process launched by the special committee of the China Committee for Standardization automotive supplies industry standards will have the entire automotive market and what impact force  In the process of implementation of the standards, the association will face what kind of resistance   Future Society will be brought by initiative  for the solution of many questions about the HC Auto Accessories Network reporter in particular connection the Committee deputy secretary general of China Association for Standardization professional automotive supplies, senior engineer Mr. Huang Lijiang. In Connection interview, Huang Lijiang concise interpretation of the future work plan of the current status of the car paint and coating industry standard and special committee of the China Committee for Standardization automotive supplies has a special historical mission of the unit for the reporter to the forefront of perspective.

Reporter: car paint and coating industry standards will be announced  Current progress of the Main products: car dvd player and car dvd , are with good quality.

Huang Lijiang: So far, the car paint coating standards in China is still a blank. China’s automobile market, car paint coating market about 10% of the annual rate in the expansion of the market need an advanced level and industry representative, technical standards to regulate.

Automotive Products Professional Committee of China Association for Standardization is currently organizing the strength of the domestic companies jointly drafting the CAS standards of the automotive paint coating (China Association for Standardization standard). CAS standards are authoritative standards of domestic high starting point, the successful co-automotive supplies special committee attaches great importance to the drafting of the car paint coating standard. At present, dozens of Chinese and foreign experts and industry leading enterprise technology managers are pressing ahead with the drafting of the standard formulation, expected before the end of the year will be submitted for consideration by the Committee of Experts.

Reporter: The new standard for the implementation bound to a variety of resistance is expected that the implementation of future standards will be any problems, how to solve

Huang Lijiang: the introduction of a new standard, have to go through the drafting stage to seek industry views on the draft public notice to solicit the views of the community, the draft amendments and supplements, review and approve standards, publishing, promotional criteria, and timing the implementation of standards in several stages.

Progressiveness and normative standard, it would arouse the resentment of the industry’s technological backwardness enterprises, but the reasonable demands of the development of the industry and consumers is the most important driving force for the implementation of the standardization work. In this sense, the implementation of advanced standards, spur backward enterprises technology upgrading of the revolutionaries, but also the market of survival of the fittest pushing hand.